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Why Voice in the Cloud

Jive Cloud. Lower cost is the principal benefit of choosing a Cloud voice solution, with greater reliability and enhanced productivity close behind. This white paper outlines the value presented by Cloud voice, distinguishing the differences in Cloud vs. On-Premises systems in terms of lower cost, greater reliability, and enhanced productivity.

TCO Benchmarking: Cloud vs. On-Premises Voice

Jive TCO. To fully comprehend the value of making the move to the cloud when it comes to telecommunications, the TCO analysis is a critical tool. As budgets continue to shrink, rigorous TCO analysis is a must for considering telecommunications spend and for bringing all key stakeholders on board with a change. This whitepaper draws on industry analyst research and extensive Jive experience to paint an accurate picture of the total cost of ownership of Cloud-based systems vs. on-premises (both VoIP and legacy) systems. Jive’s signature Total Cost of Ownership Analysis tool is also discussed and examples are given.

More Than a Phone: Why the Time for UC in Higher Education is Now

Jive for Higher Ed. Demand for data-driven applications is rapidly compelling colleges and universities to invest heavily in Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This white paper explains why Higher Education institutions should leverage their technology investment now, moving beyond traditional voice solutions to advanced Cloud UC tools and features. It also outlines Cloud UC’s impact on operating budgets, addresses industry readiness, and highlights the need for realtime communication and collaboration across the entire Higher Education community.

Jive Core: Platform, Infrastructure, and Installation

Jive Technology. Jive Core is a cloud-based, open platform which provides an interconnect between the public internet and the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Jive Core users to place calls from their SIP-enabled telephones to users of traditional telephone service. In addition, Jive Core provides many enhanced telephony features an online PBX controls. This white paper outlines Jive Core components and systems.

Hosted Email: Total Cost of Ownership

Jive Technology. Jive Hosted Email provides a true enterprise solution which incorporates staff, students, and administrators in a single, powerful, hosted environment. Jive Hosted Email is a simple, easy to manage email system that is fully E-Rate compliant and Priority-1 Eligible.