What is a Hosted VoIP Business Phone System?

Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, allows you to transmit voice calls as digital data packets through IP networks over the internet rather than use the traditional method that sends analog signals sent along the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

How our VoIP can Help Improve your Business?

Run your cloud-based phone system from any computer with Jive Web. Customize your call flows, update messages, and communicate via voice, video, or chat using your web browser.


There’s no additional equipment required for a VoIP system, which saves your business time and money. You can place a VoIP call with any regular phone or mobile device, or install special internet protocol (IP)-enabled VoIP phones if desired. Switching to a VoIP provider typically saves companies between 40 to 90 percent on traditional telephone services.

Jive’s Hosted VoIP phone system makes business calls easy. Our cloud-based business phone system gives you a professional boost without the added expense, allows you to manage your office’s calls on the go or forward voicemail messages straight to your inbox.

All of the features you need to succeed

Jive Voice offers over 80 Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications features to help your
organization communicate better. For one all-inclusive price you will enjoy features such as:

  • Auto-Attendants
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Queues
  • Call Recording
  • Desktop Integration
  • Conference Bridge
  • Custom Greetings
  • Fax to Email
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Music on Hold
  • Online PBX Controls
  • Ring Groups
  • Softphone
  • Time-Based Routing
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Virtual Fax
  • Visual Dial Plan Editor
  • Voicemail to Email
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Why Choose Jive?

Ready for a new business phone system? Jive is one of the leading VoIP providers offering a suite of Hosted VoIP features, including unlimited voicemail boxes, auto attendants, and local and long-distance calling. And with 24/7 customer support, automatic software updates and a quick setup, you can free up your IT department’s time.


Jive is the most affordable Hosted VoIP phone system for businesses, with no special hardware required and no added costs. Our virtual phone system eliminates the need for costly upgrades and gives you all the features you want at one inclusive price


We’re the best-reviewed and highest-rated B2B VoIP company. With a proven track record, you can count on us for your business VoIP needs. Jive is also backed by LogMeIn, a world leader in communications.


You can access Jive remotely to make and manage calls from anywhere you have an internet connection. Enjoy the freedom to edit dial plans, monitor sales calls and customize your greetings from any location or device.

Standard VoIP Pricing

All pricing applies to new customers. Service is billed on a per-device basis.

1 - 100 users

$19.95 - $29.95

Pricing is based on the number of users.
Details on Jive’s tiered pricing.

100+ users

Custom Pricing Available

For 100+ users, please
contact us for special pricing.


Get Started
Tier 1 $29.95 1-4 users
Tier 2 $25.95 5-9 users
Tier 3 $23.95 10-24 users
Tier 4 $21.95 25-49 users
Tier 5 $19.95 50+ users

Added VoIP Security with Jive Secure

Jive Secure™ extends Jive’s existing security measures throughout the Jive platform. Encrypted, secure VoIP calling is available between Jive and security-enabled endpoints. See which handsets or devices support secure calling, and which are currently enabled, using Jive’s Admin portal. Rest easy knowing your calls through Jive are secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VoIP phone and how does it work?

A VoIP phone (also called an IP phone or internet phone) is a device that uses the internet instead of a phone line to transmit and receive calls.
Where regular phones simply transmit audio signals from one phone to the next, a VoIP phone converts what you say into your phone into digital signals. It then transmits those signals through the internet and converts them back into audio so the person on the other side of the call can hear what you said.
A VoIP phone is typically a phone that can be plugged into a data connection instead of a phone jack. But VoIP services often also offer a software-based phone application (or softphone) that can be downloaded to a mobile device so that it behaves like a VoIP phone.

What is the cost of a VoIP phone system?

The cost of a VoIP phone system is relatively minimal compared to installing an in-office system. The hardware requirements for a VoIP phone system typical include:

  • VoIP phones. These look like ordinary phones, but you plug them into your desktop computer or router instead of a phone jack. Many modern phones have this capability.
  • Business-class router. A business-class router is necessary to handle the demands of increased voice and data traffic required for quality voice service. Your current router may already be capable of handling voice traffic.
  • Internet connection. You need a broadband connection with enough bandwidth. One VoIP call needs approximately 85 kbps of synchronous bandwidth.

Once the system is installed, the price for monthly voice service can vary based on the number of users you have on your system. Details on the monthly cost of Jive’s VoIP service is available here.

Can I use a regular phone with VoIP?

Yes, you can use a regular phone with VoIP. You’ll need what’s called an analog telephone adapter (ATA). The ATA converts voice signals from your regular, or analog, phone into digital signals that can be transmitted through your VoIP phone system. Most VoIP providers can outfit you with an ATA.

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