Unlimited Call Queues

Because each of a company’s various departments may serve a different type of customer or address a different type of customer need, the company may want to employ multiple call queues. The characteristics of each call queue can be customized so as to craft an experience tailored to the customers’ needs and expectations. These characteristics include hold music, hold messages, Automatic Call Direction (ACD) routing, escape provisions, and so forth. There is virtually no limit to the number of call queues a company can set up. Nor is there a limit to the ways each queue can be configured.

Common Use Case

The Multiple Queues feature is especially important for companies that have large volumes of inbound calls or that have a lot of departments. Setting up multiple queues cuts down on frustrating hold time, enhances efficiency, and…well, it’s just the neighborly thing to do—especially if you’re interested in retaining your customers.