Customer Testimonials

“Using Jive for Years.”

Jive provides great customer support and their products work flawlessly.   It is a no brainer.   I have a law firm in New York City and we started using Jive a few years ago after we got fed up with Verizon.   We have never looked back.  We have 7 phones now.  One of our employees is a mom who works from home and she has a Jive phone and we call her from the office – it is like she is here in the office.  Also her clients can call the firm and press her extension number and it is like she is here in the office.   It gives you flexibility to have remote workers.   Also, I love the emails voice mail feature – whenever I get a voicemail at the office, it automatically gets emailed to my iphone so i never miss anything.   I highly recommend Jive.  They also have a great online system that lets you control your phone system and set call forwarding and messaging functions.”

Robert Ottinger The Ottinger Firm

“Jive Has Been Awesome.”

Jive has been awesome so far! Keep up with the good work! For small businesses, they provide provide great products and services. All our phones are Jive and we keep buying more and more and more…”

Oumar Traore HireVue, Inc.

“Quick to Respond.”

“I really was in a dilema when I had to choose a voip phone service for my company. I had just finished dealing with the local telephone company and the internal connections in the office and wires everywhere and was afraid the voip service would be worse than my local phone company….although I through our local company was horrible. I talked to a lot of people, checked out a number of sites and, actually, this site or one like it helped me make my decision to go with Jive. I knew they were a smaller company and that made me a little anxious but decided to go with them. Since then I have had as many as 10 phones on the system with them, with music on hold, a receptionist phone to as few as two phones and the service was and is the same…..Excellent!! They are quick to respond to any issues. They are responsive if I had any issues or questions on a bill. They gave me good service, professional treatment, and most important of all my phones worked as they were supposed to. I would not switch to any other service even if they gave it to me for free. Jive charges a truly fair fee for their services, which I do think is below most others. I can’t say enough about this company!! They give what they promise and more. What a concept in today’s market place….getting exactly what you pay for and more!”

Lynn Muller SEL Capital

“It’s Just My Phone.”

“Since I have not had another VOIP phone, I don’t have anything to compare it to. However, I’ve had the Jive system for almost 3 years and I don’t see how it could be any better. I really never think of my Jive system as being Internet based. It’s just my phone and it always works great.”

Tommy Smith Earthenergy Distributing

“Flexible, Easy to Configure.”

“Our Jive phone service has been fantastic. It’s flexible, easy to configure and has tons of features. Customer support is always fast and friendly. To avoid issues just make sure you have the recommended network equipment. Don’t skimp on the router. Against Jive’s advice I tried using my regular residential grade router and was plagued with interment issues. Upgraded to the recommended router and have been delighted ever since.”

Jeff Wilson Business Audio Source

“Professional and Prompt.”

“I have been with Jive for nearly 4 years.  Recently started a new account for our small company.  Great service and flexibility.  They seem able and willing to provide anything VOIP related that we need.  Added a vanity toll free with no fuss, then helped me resolve how to handle the calls from that number in a very creative way.  The responses have been very professional and prompt when needing information, support or answers.  The pricing is fair. Recently, there was a system upgrade that provides amazingly superior voice quality and many enhanced features on the polycomm phone.  It is a win-win relationship.  I feel that there has been significant value provided by this vendor for my business.  A terrific service.”

Wayne Peterson Techie At Large

“We Would Never Go Elsewhere.”

“Jive has been absolutely wonderful. We would never go elsewhere. Their great prices and quality service is hard to beat. Our Jive representative has been nothing but the greatest help for us. We are constantly ordering new phones and it’s almost as if they are shipped the second we call. They are so quick, and Jive makes it so we are up and running 5 minutes out of the box.”

Tayler Myers Orbit Medical Response