Speek is Now Part of Jive Voice

In June 2015, Jive announced the acquisition of Speek, a conferencing tool that helps visualize audio conference attendees. Speek offered conference calls that were ridiculously easy to use. Since the acquisition, Jive has adopted Speek’s visual conferencing as an integrated solution within the Jive Voice offering.

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What is Visual Conferencing?

Imagine a “mission control” for your conference calls. Visual Conferencing allows a meeting host to visualize all participants on a
conference bridge, making it easier to manage the call. You can see who’s on the call, who’s talking, lock the room, and even invite,
mute, or remove participants.

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  • - Auto-Attendants
  • - Call Analytics
  • - Call Queues
  • - Call Recording
  • - Desktop Integration
  • - Conference Bridge
  • - Custom Greetings
  • - Fax to Email
  • - Find Me/Follow Me
  • - Music on Hold
  • - Online PBX Controls
  • - Ring Groups
  • - Softphone
  • - Time-Based Routing
  • - Unlimited Extensions
  • - Virtual Fax
  • - Visual Dial Plan Editor
  • - Voicemail to Email
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