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A Warm Welcome to the Speek Community!

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Interested in Conferencing?


Jive has decided to turn off the Speek service. As of June 1, 2017, you will no longer have access to your Speek visual conferencing platform as Jive will no longer be offering free accounts.


Jive offers a great voice conferencing platform. We can offer you the same number and pin you’ve been using through speek at a $10 per pin cost. Q3 of this year, we will be rolling out a visual conferencing platform with many new features that Speek’s service wasn’t able to offer.


If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Jive Customer, use the contact information below:



Phone: (888) 871-7008

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Current Speek Customers:


We want to thank you for being a loyal Speek customer! Jive has decided to transfer the Speek service to our own Jive conferencing service. Your monthly payment will remain the same.


At this time Jive does not have the ability to offer visual conferencing. However, Q3 of this year, we will be unveiling a new visual conferencing platform! You’ll notice some great improvements to the Speek visual conferencing service you’ve been using.


Starting June 1, you will be using same conference bridge number and dial-in access, but will not need to use the # at the end of your PIN.


If you have questions,  use the contact information below and include your contact phone number:



Phone: (888) 871-7008

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