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Common SMB Questions

Common Questions

How Much Does Jive Cost?
Each registered device & phone number will have a monthly fee. The monthly fees will depend on the number of users you add to your system. The more users – the lower the monthly fee per user. Monthly rates start at $29.95/user and go as low as $19.95/user.
What is a User?
A user in the Jive Admin system refers to the person who will use the phone. A user is always connected to a billable device, which can include a desktop VoIP phone, a smartphone app, a softphone on your computer or tablet, or a traditional fax machine (although our virtual fax solution is included for free on every plan).
Do I Need to Sign a Contract?
No, Jive’s Hosted VoIP service is month-to-month. Unlike many other VoIP services, we are so confident in our ability to provide you quality service that we will not lock you into any type of contract.
How Much Do Phone Numbers Cost?
Each phone number you add to your phone system is $1.75/month ($5 if you are on a 1-4 user plan). This applies to both local and toll-free numbers. Inbound calls made to toll-free numbers carry a 3¢ per minute charge.
How Many Numbers Do I Need?
With Jive, you will only need one number. Jive gives you unlimited channels, which is like having a roll over line for every call you receive. So you are now able to make and receive any number of simultaneous calls with one phone number and never ring busy.