Ring Groups

Also known as: Call Hunt

Ring groups allow you to put certain phones into groups and ring everyone in that group when a particular extension is dialed by a customer. This is helpful in cases where phones need to be answered quickly. Devices in a ring group ring simultaneously and stop ringing once the call is picked up by any of the agents in the group.

Common Use Case

A call center is a good example. Place all of your service reps into a ring group, or even place certain reps into multiple groups depending on their expertise. Ring groups intelligently allocate calls fairly and efficiently to ensure those calling first get service fastest.


Can you be in multiple ring groups? Yes, any user can be designated into multiple ring groups. The possibilities are only limited to the amount of ring groups your organization has set up. There’s no limit to the number of ring groups that are allowed on the system, and unlimited ring groups are a part of the all-inclusive seat price.