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Polycom SoundPoint IP 321

You do not need to dial any numerical prefix before dialing an extension or external number. Simply dial the extension or 10 digit number.

Call Forwarding

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1. Press the Menu key.

2. Select Features > Forward.

3. Select the desired forwarding type.

  • Always: Forwards all incoming calls.
  • No Answer: Forwards all unanswered incoming calls.
  • Busy: Forwards calls that arrive when you’re already in a call.

4. Enter the internal extension or external number to which calls will be forwarded.

5. If you selected No Answer, enter how many rings to wait before forwarding.

6. Press the Enable softkey (to disable call forwarding, press the Disable softkey).

Tip: While your phone rings, press the Forward softkey to forward the incoming call to another person.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

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Enabling DND stops your phone from ringing and sends all incoming calls directly to voicemail.  Calls are logged in your Missed Calls.

1. Press the Menu key.

2. Select Features > Do not disturb.

3. Select Enable or Disable.

Voicemail Access

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1. Dial *99.

2. Dial your password (default 0000).

Speed Dial

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If enabled by your system administrator, your contact directory will be populated with all the lines on your system.

1. Press the Dir softkey.

2. Select Contact Directory.

a. To add a new contact, select <New Entry>.

b. To edit an existing contact, select the desired contact and then press the Edit softkey.

3. If you selected <New Entry>, enter the Name and the internal extension or external number in the Contact field.

4. Edit the Speed Dial Index. The contact with the lowest speed dial index will be associated with the Line 2 key for single touch dialing.

5. Press the left arrow key and the press the Yes softkey to save.

Vacant Key: Press and hold the second line key, add the first name, last name, an internal extension or external number, and then press the Save softkey.

3-Way Calls

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1. While on an active call, press the Conf softkey.

2. Dial the internal extension or external number to add to the conference.

3. Wait for the second party to answer, and then let them know that you would like to add them to a 3-way call.

4. Press Conf again.

Warm Transfer

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Places a current call on hold and allows you to speak with the other party before transferring the call to them.

1. While on an active call, press the Trnsfr softkey.

2. Dial the internal extension or external number.

3. Speak with the destination party.

Tip: To cancel a warm transfer, look for the Cancel or EndCall softkey. This will take you back to the original call, or allow you to resume.

4. Press Trnsfragain.

Blind Transfer

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A blind transfer routes a call to another party without speaking to them first.

1. While on an active call, press the Trnsfr softkey.

2. Select Blind.

3. Dial the internal extension or external number.

Tip: To transfer a call directly to voicemail, dial 0 + extension.


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1. Press the Hold key.

2. Press the Line key to retrieve the call.

Tip: If multiple calls are on hold on a single line key, use the arrow keys to switch between the calls then press the Resume softkey to retrieve the desired call. If more than two calls are on hold on a single key, an indication will appear on the display, for example “2/3” shows that this is the second call out of three calls.

Modify Ringtone

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1. Press the Menu key.

2. Select Settings > Basic > Ring Type.

3. If there are multiple lines assigned to the device, select the line you wish to modify.

4. Highlight the desired ringtone (press the Play softkey to sample ringtones).

5. Press the Save softkey.

Note: This device supports silent ringtones.

Presence Monitoring

In order to presence monitor, you must have the feature enabled on your device by an administrator. If not enabled, contact your system administrator for assistance.

Note: Speed dial assignments and up to 8 contacts in your Buddy List can be monitored by enabling Watch Buddy for each contact.


*Softkeys are buttons located around the display whose function changes depending on the context. These keys are managed by your system administrator.

See a feature you don’t understand? See our phone feature glossary.

Call Handling Features

  • Warm Transfer
  • Blind Transfer
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Call Forward All
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Forward No Answer
  • Intercom (* + ext)
  • Hold
  • Multi-way Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • On-hook Dialing
  • Speakerphone

User Interface Features

  • Call Logs
  • LDAP Directory
  • On Device Directory
  • Adjustable Ringer Volume
  • Resync
  • Ring Tone Permanence

Feature Keys

  • 2 SIP Accounts
  • 2 Upper Multifunction Keys*

*Supports line assignments.

  • Mute Button
  • On-device Speed Dial Edit


  • Black & White Display
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • On Screen Message Display
  • Caller ID (CID)
  • Time/Date Display

Network & Provisioning

  • On Device Ethernet (PoE)
  • One Touch Activation
  • PC Connection
  • Polycom Multicast


  • Wired Headset
  • Wireless Headset

Before you begin:

  1. Verify a device profile has been created.
  2. Verify the phone’s MAC address has been assigned to the device profile.

From the Phone Menu

1. Press the Menu key.

2. Select Settings Advanced.

3. Enter the Device Admin Password. You can find this password within the Jive Administration Security tab.

4. Select Administration Settings Network Configuration.

5. Select Server Menu or Provisioning Server.

6. Define the following settings:

Server Type


Server Address


Note: Replace ‹domain› with your unique domain (found in parentheses at the top of the admin dashboard).

Server User

Clear this field (asterisks may still appear)

Server Password

Clear this field (asterisks may still appear)

7. Select Exit > Exit > Save Config.

Note: If the phone doesn’t automatically reboot, you must power cycle the device to apply its provisioning settings.

Reset Secure Provisioning

After a factory reset on a phone, you’ll need to reset secure provisioning from Jive Administration so it can reconnect to Jive.

1. Click Devices in the left sidebar.

2. Click the device that needs secure provisioning reset.

3. From the Hardware tab > Reset Secure Provisioning, click [RESET].

Below is a list of known compatible accessories for your device supported by Jive.


Savi 8220

The wireless Savi 8220 delivers enterprise-grade DECT audio for a premium listening experience complete with hi-fi stereo sound, close conversation limiting and active noise cancelling features. It also affords you the freedom to roam or multi-task up to 590 ft/180 m from your computer.

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