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Sound clips allow you to play custom messages to your callers and are frequently utilized in a phone system. Not everyone has access to, or budget for, professionally recorded sound clips—especially if they are constantly changing. This star code allows you to record sounds clips from your phone. Anything you record will be saved directly to your system where it can then be used in dial plans, call queues, or call filters.

Tip: Sound clips can also be recorded from (or uploaded to) the admin portal by system admins.

Permissions Required

In order to record sound clips, you must have prompt recording permissions given to you by a super admin.

1. Dial *14 from your Jive phone.

2. If you dialed the star code from someone else’s phone that does not have permissions, enter your numerical dialable username given to you by a system admin.

3. Enter your dialable password (default 0000).

Note: This password is separate from your voicemail password and can be changed by dialing *19 from your phone.

4. Record the sound clip.

5. Press #.

6. Complete one of the following:

a. Press 1 to accept the recording.

b. Press 2 to listen to the recording.

c. Press 3 to re-record.

The recording will then appear in the list of sound clips. It will be titled with the date and time the message was recorded, but can be renamed by a system admin for easier identification.

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