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This feature is supported on Cisco MPP, Yealink, Polycom VVX only.

Shared Line Appearance (SLA) allows up to eight phones to share a single extension and easily move calls between those phones. This functionality is beneficial for an executive and their assistant to mutually manage and monitor incoming calls and calls placed on hold (Boss Admin SLA). A shared line is a 2-way line, and is not a conference line.

Admin Setup Required

In order to use SLA, you must have the feature setup by a system admin.

Common Use Case

Having your boss’s line on your phone is critical in the administrative world. With SLA, any calls made to a shared extension will ring both phones at the same time. Screen these callers, put them on hold, and intercom your boss to check availability. And, no need to transfer a call to your boss; she can now pick up the held call directly from her phone. You’re in control to keep the office running smoothly and protect your boss from the stress of unnecessary phone interruptions.

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