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By default, your voicemail will greet your callers with an automated message (e.g. “The person at extension # is unavailable.”). By recording voicemail greetings, you can make this message much more personal and give specific instructions to your callers.

1. Access the voicemail menu.

2. Press 0 for Mailbox Options.

3. Record the desired greeting type:

a. Press 1 to record an Unavailable Message—this is the default and most common greeting used for a voicemail box.

b. Press 2 to record a Busy Message—this alternate greeting can be recorded for system admins to use in a dial plan.

c. Press 3 to record a Name—this greeting plays the recorded name followed by an automated message (only plays if no unavailable message exists).

d. Press 4 to record a Temporary Message—when recorded, this message overrides any other voicemail greetings. In order to remove a temporary message it must be deleted.

4. Follow the voice prompts to accept, review, or re-record the recording.

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