In today’s rapidly expanding business world, making calls to international clients or offices is quickly becoming part of the norm. By making those calls through Jive, you can cut down on costs and control which of your employees can make toll calls by granting international dialing permissions.

Note: Jive allows unlimited calls (without fees) to the 48 contiguous US states, Puerto Rico, and many locations within Canada. Understand that calls to Alaska, Hawaii, and some areas in Canada are billed at a low rate that is generally less than $0.03/min.

In order to make international calls, you must have international dialing permissions given to you by a system admin. If you do not have these permissions and attempt to make an international call, the system will prompt you to enter a dialable username and password provided by your system admin.

To dial internationally:

1. Dial your country’s dial out code (US = 011, list of dial out codes).

Note: The plus sign (+) commonly used in an international number is replaced with your country’s dial out code.

2. Dial your destination party’s country code (list of country codes).

3. Dial your destination party’s area code.

4. Dial your destination party’s local phone number.

Note: If the local number you are calling starts with 0 (zero), you can omit this when you dial the number—this is used for domestic calls in many countries.

Example: To make a call from the US to a landline in São Paulo, Brazil; you would dial 011-55-11-XXXX-XXXX.

International Rates

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