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Zoho Integration

This product is in BETA.

Jive’s Zoho integration unites your communications with your CRM (customer relationship management). Each time you make or receive calls, Jive Web automatically looks for any customers that match the caller ID. Options to edit your customer accounts or add call notes are readily available. Click a phone number within Zoho to initiate a call directly to Jive Web.

To integrate with Zoho, please use Jive Web. Click here to learn more.

Get Started

The free version of Zoho does not support the phone bridge feature and is not supported with this integration. Please contact Zoho for more details.

1. Go to to log in to Jive Web.

2. Click  in the upper-right corner and then select Settings.

3. From the Accounts tab, select Zoho.

4. Click [Login].

You will then be redirected to Zoho to login and allow Jive Web to access your account.

Incoming Calls

For all incoming calls to your selected Jive device, Zoho performs a search for customers that match the caller ID. If there is a match, the customer’s information will display within the incoming call notification within Zoho (lower right). If there is no match, only the phone number will display and you can click  to add the contact to Zoho.


Outgoing Calls

To properly integrate with Zoho, all outgoing calls must be initiated from your selected Jive device. The call will then be displayed within Zoho (lower right) allowing you to log the call and take notes. If the contact does not currently exist within Zoho, click  to add them.

Click to Call

The Zoho integration does not work like a softphone. When you initiate a call from Zoho, it first sends the call to Jive Web, waits for you to pick it up, and then finally completes the call to the outbound number.

Call Notes

During or after a call, you can add notes and create follow-up tasks. Click [Save] to save those changes to Zoho.

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