Jive’s Redtail CRM integration merges your phone with your CRM (customer relationship management). When someone calls you, Jive Integrations automatically searches the caller ID within Redtail and returns any customer records that match. Quickly add call notes to a customer’s activity details or launch their account within Redtail for more information.

To integrate with Redtail, please use Jive Integrations. Click here to learn more.

Download for Mac
Download for Window

Link Redtail to Jive Integrations

1. Click the settings icon in the left sidebar.

2. Select your Line.

3. Click Redtail CRM.

4. Click [CONFIGURE] to launch the Integrations Dashboard.

5. Enter your Redtail Username and Password.

6. Click [LINK ACCOUNT].

Redtail Directory and Click to Call

Use Jive Integrations to search your Redtail directory and call your customers. When you initiate a call from the app, it first sends the call to your Jive phone, waits for you to pick it up, and then finally completes the call to the outbound number.

Active Call Options

Launch customer record

Opens the customer record in your web browser.

Search Redtail

Searches Redtail for customer records.


Shows the three most recent notes/activity on the customer record.


= Creates a call note on the customer record.

= Creates an activity on the customer record.

Create new contact

= Creates a new customer record based.