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This product is in BETA.

Jive Web moves your business communications to your web browser. This softphone allows you to monitor your contacts’ availability, place web-based calls, send text messages, chat, and manage your directory—all without touching a traditional deskphone.

Setup Required

Before you can use Jive Web, you must have a registered JiveID and at least one device assigned to you by a system admin.

Get Started

Access Jive Web

1. Go to

Browser Support

  • Last 2 versions of Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Last 2 versions of Mozilla Firefox

2. Enter your Email Address (JiveID) and Password.

3. Click [LOGIN].

Tip: Click [Sign in with Google] or [Sign in with Microsoft] to log in with single sign-on (SSO). For this to work, your JiveID must match your Google or Office 365 email address respectively (contact a system admin for assistance). 


Note: Jive Web needs to access your microphone to work. Before your first call, you’ll be asked if your browser can access your microphone. You should always allow access, but in case you accidentally denied these permissions, you can change this setting.


Click  in the upper-right corner to view options.

Changes the language of Jive Web.

Language Support

  • English (US)
  • Español (México)
  • Português (Brasil)

Sends feedback (bugs and feature requests) to Jive.

Displays settings for Jive Web.

  • Audio = Defines ringtone and text notification tone settings.
  • Input/Output = Manages audio input and output devices for calls.
  • Accounts = Manages third-party integrations.
  • Devices = Manages lines and devices connected to Jive Web.

Do Not Disturb
Silences the ringer for incoming calls ( = Ringer Silenced | = Ringer Enabled).

Logs out of Jive Web.

Click to make a call.

Displays recent activity.


Displays all call and message activity. Hover over an entry to call the contact or view more information.


Displays call activity only.


Manages voicemail messages on a line.


Displays all your favorite contacts.

To add a contact to your favorites, click the star icon next to their name.


Searches the directory.

Presence Monitoring

Allows you to visually monitor your contacts to know whether or not they are on an active call.

  • Red: Contact is unavailable
  • Green: Contact is available
  • Empty: Presence monitoring is not available for this contact

Note: Presence monitoring is available during a conference call and call forwarding.

Line Selector

Defines which line and device is used to make/receive calls, chats, and SMS messages.

Contact Details/Messages (SMS/Chat)

SMS is in PRIVATE BETA. Please email to request early access to this feature. After which, a system admin must enable SMS for your phone number.

Note: SMS/Chat messages cannot be deleted.

Contact Information

Displays the contact information and address.

Tip: Click an internal extension or external number to call the contact.

Calls the contact.

Adds the contact to your favorites.

Edits or deletes the contact.

Note: Only contacts added within Jive Web can be edited and deleted.


Displays all messages to and from the contact. Pop up notifications will appear when a new message is received.

Send Message

Type a new message and then press ENTER on your keyboard to send a new message.

Tip: Press SHIFT + ENTER on your keyboard to create a new line in a chat or SMS.

Incoming Calls

Caller ID

Displays the caller’s name and phone number.

Call Notification

Displays when a call is incoming. Click the notification to open Jive Web, accept/reject the call, and view contact information.


Answers the incoming call.


Declines the incoming call and sends it to voicemail.

In-Call Features

Changes audio output/input devices.

Ends the call.

Transfers the call. After clicking the transfer button, search for or dial the destination party and then select from one of the following transfer types.

Direct Transfer
Routes a call to another party without speaking to them first (blind transfer).

Warm Transfer
Places a current call on hold and allows you to speak with the other party before transferring the call to them (attended transfer).

Send to Voicemail
Transfers the call directly to the destination party’s voicemail.

Puts the call on hold.

Mutes/Unmutes your microphone.

Displays/hides the dialable keypad.

Adds another call to the current call (three-way call).

Merges two active calls together (three-way conferencing).

Zoho Integration

To learn how Zoho integrates with Jive Web click here.

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