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Jive View for Mac

Jive View™ delivers a comprehensive picture of your phone’s network in real time. Armed with this performance data, you (or our tech team) can proactively identify network concerns before they become problems. If problems do arise, the app helps pinpoint exactly what they are so you can address them and verify that you’re in the clear. That, my friend, is called peace of mind.

Download for Mac

Install the App

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X Sierra

Note: The software uses the Qt Development Frameworks, a third party software library owned by The Qt Company licensed under the GNU LGPL v2.1 license. Its source can be downloaded here.

For the most accurate results, install Jive View on a computer that is hard-wired (not connected through Wi-Fi) to the same network as your phones.

1. Download Jive View for Mac.

2. Open and run the downloaded .dmg.

3. Double-click the installer icon and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure to read the License Agreement carefully.

Access the App

1. Open Jive View (Applications folder).

2. Click the Jive icon in the menu bar.

3. Click Show Jive View Client.

1. Open Jive View (Applications folder).

2. Click the Jive icon in the menu bar.

3. Click Show Jive View Client.

4. From the Test tab, verify Jive Servers link displays Success (this indicates the tool can report network data back to Jive, not that the phones are working).

5. From the System tab, write down your Passphrase and then go to the testing dashboard.

Your Passphrase
A unique, four word identifier generated when Jive View is installed and it will never change. It is used to access the historical test reports from your network. Both the Passphrase and the System Code represent the same identifier; the passphrase is simply easier to remember and communicate.

Note: If you’re working with a Customer Support representative, simply give them your Passphrase so they can access your network performance.

6. Enter your passphrase and then click [RUN TEST].

Tip: To re-run the test, close and relaunch the testing dashboard.

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