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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol. Technology that allows you to transmit voice calls as digital data packets through IP networks rather than use the traditional method that sends analog signals sent along the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Placing a VoIP call can be performed with a regular phone, special IP phones, or mobile devices.

What are the benefits of switching to a VoIP system?

1. Businesses typically save between 40%–90% on the cost of their telephone system when moving from a traditional system to a VoIP system.

2. Hosted VoIP services do not require customers to manage and maintain expensive on-premise equipment, giving you more time and money to focus on running your business.

3. VoIP systems often offer greater mobility in managing and using your telephone system. Online portals allow for quicker changes to your system, and many VoIP companies offer smartphone apps so you can make and receive your business calls on the go.

See the Top 10 Reasons to Switch to VoIP for even more benefits as well as factors to consider when thinking about moving to a VoIP system.

What are the benefits of choosing Jive as my VoIP provider?

1. You’ll have access to hundreds of advanced features, all of which are included in the monthly per-seat charge.

2. Jive’s world class Customer Support is ranked #1 in the industry. We’re always here to help you whenever you need assistance – 24/7, 365 days a year.

3. Jive is well known for its world class, user friendly online portal. Jive customers no longer need to rely on IT experts to help setup and manage their telephone systems. Changes are easy to make in your online portal which you can access in your office or on the go.

See the 10 Reasons Companies Are Switching to Jive for even more benefits to switch to Jive.

Can I use my current phone number with Jive?

Yes! See our number transfer checklist to learn everything you need to know about getting your number over to Jive.

Will my current phone work with Jive?

Please see our phone guides for a complete list of phones that Jive supports.

Go to for a list of phones that you can purchase directly from Jive.

Can I purchase a phone from Jive?

Yes! Go to for a list of phones that you can purchase directly from Jive.

Contact Sales at 877-548-3003 with any questions or to place your order.

Will my existing router work with Jive?

There are so many models of routers or firewalls on the market that it is almost impossible for us to know with certainty if your existing hardware will work. Our list of recommended and blacklisted routers is a good place to start to determine router compatibility.

Can I purchase a router from Jive?

Yes! Contact Sales at 877-548-3003 and to get help selecting the best router for your needs.

See our router recommendations for additional assistance.

What are the network requirements for using Jive?

See our network requirements to make sure your network is ready for Jive.

Does Jive support 911 calls?

Yes! See our 911 and Service Availability Policy for more information regarding E911.

Current Customers

How do I improve the audio quality of my calls?

Call audio quality is almost entirely dependent upon the stability of your internet connection from your internet service provider (ISP). While Jive can help diagnose connection stability issues, only your ISP can resolve these issues for you.

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How do I configure my router?

Jive recommends assigning IP addresses via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and using and as DNS servers.

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How do I configure my firewall?

Jive recommends the following firewall configurations:

  • Allow phones unadulterated access to/from Jive IP blocks.
  • Increase UDP timeouts to 300 seconds.
  • Disable SIP ALG when applicable.
  • Enable Consistent / Persistent NAT when applicable.

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How do I access my PBX (online portal)?

1. Go to

2. Enter your Email Address (JiveID) and Password.

3. Click [LOGIN].

4. From the Services section, click your PBX.

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How do I direct a phone number?

1. Click Phone Numbers in the left sidebar.

2. Click the phone number that needs to be directed.

3. From the General tab > Behavior section, choose Extension and then browse for and select the desired destination.

4. Click [SAVE].

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How do I set up and check my voicemail?

1. Dial *99 from your Jive phone (or *98 from another Jive phone).

2. Enter your password (default 0000).

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How do I set up the Auto Attendant in my Dial Plan?

An auto attendant plays a recorded sound clip providing dialable options to callers. Based on the option chosen, the caller will be routed to different call paths. See Set Up an Auto Attendant to learn how to do this.

Before setting up your auto attendant, we recommend that you understand the content found in Dial Plans Overview and Create a New Dial Plan.

Note: In order to record sound clips, you must have prompt recording permissions given to you by a super admin.

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Record a Sound Clip: *14

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Why isn’t my phone working?

There are a number of potential reasons why a phone is not working. Complete the following steps in order to identify and correct the issue.

1. Verify the phone is plugged in correctly.

2. Power cycle the phone.

3. Verify the phone has an IP Address.

Note: This is found your phone’s menu options.

4. Verify the phone has an assigned user.

5. Verify the phone has an assigned line.

6. Verify the phone MAC Address was entered correctly in the portal.

7. Verify the phone can retrieve its configuration.

Contact us for more assistance and we would be happy to help.

Can I record my phone calls?

Yes! All Jive customers can record all or some of the calls to and from your account. System admins can allow PBX-wide recording, or set up recording on specific phone numbers and extensions. Jive is integrated with Amazon S3 for cloud storage so you can access your call recordings from virtually anywhere. Before you can record calls, you will need to set up your Amazon S3 storage account.

Note: It is your responsibility to understand call recording laws for your area. See Call Recording Privacy Policy and Notices for more information.

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When and how will I be billed?

All invoices for your account will be sent via email. You will be billed a month in advance. For example, your November 1st invoice will be for your November service, any additional charges on your invoice will be from the month prior.

For payment and billing questions call 801-980-1838.

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