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All the features and functionality (plus more) found in the End User Portal are now in Jive Web. As a result, we will be discontinuing the End User Portal soon.

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Even though voicemail has been around a while, it’s still an integral part to the way we communicate. Unlike old school answering machines, you now have the ability customize more than just the greeting before the beep. Set up email notifications to alert you every time a message is received, and even attach the recording so you can listen to it from anywhere. Plus, you can determine your playback/recording options and change your password all online.

To access your voicemail settings, select the line you would like to configure (only for users with multiple lines) and then click [VOICEMAIL SETTINGS…].

Notifications Tab

Email Notifications

Send Voicemail Notifications

Enables email notifications when a voicemail is received.

Attach Voicemail Message

Attaches voicemail audio file to email notifications.

Delete Message After Sending

Deletes voicemail from Jive’s system after sending an email notification.

WARNING: Checking this box will prevent voicemail management from your phone or the portal. Deletion is permanent; we cannot retrieve deleted messages.

Audio Format


Smaller file size (default, recommended).


Larger file size, more compatible with mobile devices.

Email Address

Use assigned user's email

Sends voicemail notifications to the email address on Jive’s system.

Use another address

Sends voicemail notifications to an alternate email address.

Notifications Sent to Multiple Email Addresses

Email notifications can only be delivered to a single email address. To work around this limitation, have your email client administrator create an email alias (i.e. salesgroup@example.com) that forwards messages to all necessary recipients. Alternatively, create auto-forwarding rules in your email client (or webmail solution) that forwards emails sent from voicemail-noreply@jivecommunications.com to all necessary recipients.

Notifications Sent Via Text (SMS)
Using a specially formatted email address defined by cellphone carriers, voicemail notifications can be sent via text message (SMS).  As of this writing, the formats below may be used (replace “number” with a 10 digit mobile number with no hyphens). This strategy also works in conjunction with the email alias or auto-forwarding rules discussed above.

Alltel number@message.alltel.com
AT&T number@txt.att.net
Cingular number@cingularme.com
Metro PCS number@mymetropcs.com
Nextel number@messaging.nextel.com
Powertel number@ptel.com
Qwest number@qwestmp.com
Sprint number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Suncom number@tms.suncom.com
T-Mobile number@tmomail.net
U.S. Cellular number@email.uscc.net
Verizon number@vtext.com
Virgin Mobile number@vmobl.com


Playback Tab

Time Zone

Defines the time zone for the voicemail time stamps (default is PBX Default). Check with your system admin to verify the default time zone.

Say Message Timestamp

System says the time the message was left before playing the message.

Say Caller ID

System says the caller’s phone number before playing the message.

Say Message Duration If Longer Than ___ Minutes

System says the duration of the message if it is longer than the specified threshold.


Leaving Voicemail Tab

Message Review

Allows the caller listen to their message and optionally re-record.

Note: Enabling this setting does not automatically prompt callers to press # after recording their voicemail. You will need to include these instructions in your voicemail greeting.

Escape to Operator

Allows a caller to press zero to be transferred to a specified extension, rather than leaving a message.


Password Tab


Changes your password (default is 0000). Password must be at least four digits.


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