End-of-Life Announcement
All the features and functionality (plus more) found in the End User Portal are now in Jive Web. As a result, we will be discontinuing the End User Portal soon.

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Just because you’re away from your phone, doesn’t mean you have to wait to check your voicemail. The end user portal provides a visual interface that allows you to listen to, archive, and delete your messages. Some may find this method of managing voicemail easier than navigating the voicemail menu on a phone.

This page demonstrates how to access and manage your voicemail from the portal.  If you would like help managing voicemail from a phone, please see Check Voicemail: *98/*99.

Before managing your voicemail from the portal, make sure Delete Message After Sending is unchecked in the notification voicemail settings. If checked, voicemails will be permanently deleted (we cannot retrieve them) from Jive’s system once they are emailed.


Note: A single voicemail box holds up to 99 messages. Once it is full, callers will be unable to leave new voicemail messages.

Only voicemails associated with your device profile are accessible through the portal (excludes shared voicemail boxes and ring group voicemail boxes).  If multiple extensions are assigned to you, select the extension for which you would like to manage voicemails. Messages will then display to the right.

Voicemail messages are displayed within a table that shows the caller’s name, phone number, message duration, as well as the date and time the message was received.

The Inbox and Old folders are located above the voicemails, with the number of corresponding messages saved in each folder. Notice that the number that is next to the Inbox folder matches the red number next to the extension in the left sidebar. Click on a folder to browse its messages.

Listen to a Message

1. Click the play icon next to the message duration.

Move Messages Between Folders

1. Check the message(s) you would like to move.

2. Click [MOVE].

3. Select the desired folder location.

4. Click [SELECT].

Return a Call

1. Click the phone icon to initiate click to call.

Note: The call is first sent to the selected extension (desk phone or softphone), waits for you to pick it up, and then finally completes the call to the outbound destination.

Delete Messages

1. Check the message(s) you would like to delete.

2. Click [DELETE].

3. Click [DELETE] again to confirm this action.

Note: Messages are permanently removed from your voicemail and cannot be retrieved.

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