In order to access Jive Web, admin portal, or any of Jive’s apps; you must have an active JiveID. This single username, which is your email address, allows you to take full advantage of Jive’s features and services. With it, you can check your voicemail online, set up your Find Me/Follow Me settings, make and receive calls from your computer (Jive Web) or mobile phone (Jive Mobile), and so much more.

Admin Setup Required

Before gaining access to the portal, please contact your system admin to have your JiveID (email address) added to the system.

1. Go to

2. Complete the User Registration form.

Choosing Your Email Address (JiveID)

Your email address is your JiveID and therefore should be unique to each person. To be able to login, the email address you enter here must match the JiveID entered in Jive Administration.

Choosing Your Password

Your password must be 8-32 characters and include an upper-case, lower-case, numeric, and non-alpha-numeric character.

3. Click [REGISTER].

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