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All the features and functionality (plus more) found in the End User Portal are now in Jive Web. As a result, we will be discontinuing the End User Portal soon.

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Welcome to the new generation of fax machines, where everything is digital and trees are saved. A virtual fax machine allows you to send and receive faxes through email, which removes the need to have a physical fax machine and allows you to fax on the go. Additionally, you’ll no longer need a phone number dedicated only to faxing because your phone number will be able to receive calls and faxes.

This page only demonstrates how to receive virtual faxes. If you would like to send virtual faxes, contact a system admin to make sure this feature is properly set up and to receive further instruction. To learn how to send a virtual fax, see Send Virtual Faxes.

Admin Setup Required

This feature only works if a direct phone number is routed to your line. If you are only reachable through auto attendant options or a directory search, the system does not get a chance to first listen for a fax tone before sending a call through as a voice call. If you are not sure a direct phone number is routed to your line, contact a system admin for assistance.

To access your fax settings, select the line you would like to configure (only for users with multiple lines) and then click [FAX SETTINGS…].

Intercept Incoming Faxes

Enables the line to receive virtual faxes to a specified email address.

Send to My Email

Sends virtual faxes to the email address on Jive’s system.

Send Faxes to Another Address

Sends virtual faxes to an alternate email address.

How it Works

When someone sends a fax to your phone number, it is first converted to a PDF and then emailed as an attachment.  The incoming fax will come from noreply@jive.com, so make sure this address is not marked as spam.


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