End-of-Life Announcement
All the features and functionality (plus more) found in the End User Portal are now in Jive Web. As a result, we will be discontinuing the End User Portal soon.

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So now that you have accessed the end user portal, you’re probably wondering where to begin. The portal is pretty straightforward—but, for extra guidance and a list of common buttons, check the information below. Remember that any changes that you make, will be made instantly—which means you don’t have to exercise any level of patience.

Basic Navigation


Goes to the My User Account/Services page.


Logs out of the end user portal.


Displays the name of the PBX.


Toggles between the end user portal, call reports, admin portal, and online billing & payments.


Lists any assigned extensions.


Searches the organization’s internal directory. Click the phone icon to initiate click-to-call.

Find Me/Follow Me Settings

Sets up the call flow settings for a line.

Voicemail Settings

Sets up voicemail settings for a line.

Fax Settings

Sets up fax settings for a line.

Note: This feature only works if a direct phone number is routed to your line.


Manages voicemail messages on a line.

Common Buttons

Cancels a setup and discards all changes.

Opens setup dialog box for specific setting changes.

Deletes an item from the system.

Saves settings or updates to a setup.

Opens a pre-populated dialog box for simple selections.

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