End-of-Life Announcement
All the features and functionality (plus more) found in the End User Portal are now in Jive Web. As a result, we will be discontinuing the End User Portal soon.

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The end user portal is an online tool that allows you (even if you don’t have admin permissions) to manage your voicemail, build your personal dial plan (Find/Me Follow Me), and set up fax-to-email in real time. It even has a visual directory from which you can initiate calls to your phone with a click of a mouse. In other words, this tool is awesome!

Admin Setup Required

Before accessing the online portal, you must have an active JiveID (registration instructions) that has been properly activated by a system admin.

1. Go to onjive.com.

Supported Browsers

  • Last 2 versions of Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Last 2 versions of Mozilla Firefox
  • Current version Safari
  • Last 2 versions of Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher

2. Enter your Email Address (JiveID) and Password.

3. Click [SIGN IN].

Tip: We have many single sign-on options. To learn more, click here.

4. From the Services section, click your PBX Portal.

5. Verify you are on the HOME tab.

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