Virtual fax machines provide a way to send and receive faxes through email, removing the need to have a physical fax machine.  Virtual faxes can only be sent to external fax numbers; any virtual faxes sent between two internal extensions will fail. To receive faxes, a phone number must be directed to the virtual fax machine.

Note: Virtual fax machines are only available within the US and Canada.

Virtual Fax Machine Settings

To access the settings for a virtual fax machine, click Virtual Fax Machines in the left sidebar and then click the virtual fax machine you would like to set up.

General Tab



Extension Number

Three to six digit number that identifies the virtual fax machine and makes it dialable.


Name by which the virtual fax machine is identified.

Omit From Directory

Removes the virtual fax machine from all dial by name directories.

Note: This setting only omits the extension from your dial by name directories. It does not omit the extension from directories found in the end user portal, Jive Mobile, etc. or prevent the extension from being dialed from an auto attendant (allow extension dialing).

Omit from Auto Attendant Extension Dialing

Removes the virtual fax machine from auto attendant extension dialing.

Note: This setting only omits the extension from being dialed within an auto attendant. It does not omit the extension from directories found in the end user portal, Jive Mobile, etc. or prevent the extension from being searched within a dial by name directory.

Sending Tab


Fax Limitation

This service is not intended to be a high-volume fax solution.

  • A single system can send up to 5 pages per fax (4 pages using Microsoft Outlook) and up to 25 pages per hour.
  • For assistance sending faxes with Apple Mail, please contact Customer Support.

Common Virtual Fax Errors

Instructions for Sending Email to Fax

Provides instructions for sending a virtual fax. For more assistance sending virtual faxes, please see Send Virtual Faxes.

Email to Fax Access

Email to Fax Access Code

Displays the access code to be included in the subject line of the virtual fax email. This code is used to securely authenticate emails and identify the virtual fax machine. Click [RESET] to generate a new access code.

Note: The access code cannot be manually entered.

Sending Options

Send As User

Assigns a user that is identified with delivered virtual faxes.

External Caller ID

Controls what caller ID value is displayed for outgoing virtual faxes. This can be set to the system’s default caller ID or customized to a different caller ID.

Send Email to Fax Success Messages

Enables emails to be sent upon successful virtual fax delivery.  All notifications are sent to the email address used to send the virtual fax and come from (make sure this address is not marked as SPAM or junk mail). Emails are always sent for failed transmissions.

Receiving Tab


Setup Required

This feature only works if a direct phone number is routed to the virtual fax machine or through the detect fax node in a dial plan.

Receiving Options

Email Destination

Defines the email destination for incoming faxes. You can only assign one email address to a virtual fax machine.

When someone sends a fax to a virtual fax machine it is first converted to a PDF and then emailed to you as an attachment. The incoming fax will come from, so make sure this address is not marked as SPAM or junk mail. You can then download, open, and print the attachment.

Faxes can also be received by a line, ring group, shared voicemail box, or dial plan if they have a direct phone number and Intercept Incoming Faxes or Detect Fax (dial plan node) has been enabled.

Usage Tab

virtualFaxMachines_UsageTabLists all devices and call flows using the virtual fax machine. Click on an item name to go to its settings.