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One of the foundations to setting up your phone system is knowing how to manage User Profiles. In most cases, a user is associated with a single Line, Voicemail Box, and Device; though multiple assignments are supported. You can also deny or grant users access to features like voicemail, call monitoring, Online Portal access, international calling, and more.

User Settings

To access the settings for a user, click Users in the left sidebar and then select the user you would like to set up.

General Tab


First Name

User’s first name.

Last Name

User’s last name.


Email address required to access the Online Portal and other Jive apps.

Tip: We have many single sign-on options. To learn more, click here.


User’s email address used for voicemail notification emails and receiving virtual faxes. User can optionally override this email address from the End User Portal.

Dialable Username

Numerical username used for One Touch Activation and permission-based tasks such as recording prompts, making international calls, or call monitoring.

Dialable Password

Numerical password of at least four digits (default 0000) used with the dialable username to access permission-based tasks such as recording prompts, making international calls, or call monitoring. This password is different from the user’s voicemail password. Click Show password to display the dialable password.

Login Enabled

Allows the user to login to the Online Portal and other Jive apps.

Support Pin

This pin is used to verify a user’s identity when calling Jive. Click [RESET AND EMAIL PIN TO USER] to allow a user to reset their pin (the user must have a valid email address).

System admins and Jive cannot access a user’s support pin.
If you change a user’s email address, their pin will be automatically cleared.

End User Portal

Open End User Portal

Launches the user’s Portal.

Group Membership

Select a group

Lists the groups to which the user belongs. Common groups include administrators and international dialers. Click on the group name to go to its settings.

User’s Devices


Lists all devices to which the user is assigned. Click on the device name to go to its settings.

Hot Desking

Enable Hot Desking

This feature is supported on Cisco MPP, Polycom, and Yealink only.

Allows a user to load their extension settings to a shared phone and use it as their own (make/receive calls and check voicemail).

Hot Desk Roaming Profile

Determines which device settings are used during hot desking.


  • If you do not select a profile, the first device listed under User’s Devices is used.
  • You can only choose from devices assigned to the current user or any devices without an assigned user.

Usage Tab


Lists all virtual fax machines that are configured to send as this user. Click on the fax name to go to its settings.