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If you are recording sound clips from a computer or using a professional recording service, you can upload these files to be used on your system. Once uploaded, these sound clips can be added to dial plans, call queues, or call filters as needed. If you don’t have any files available for upload, remember you can record sound clips from your Jive phone by dialing *14 or record them straight from the admin portal.

1. Click Sound Clips in the left sidebar.

2. Click [UPLOAD].

3. Browse for and select a file from your computer.

Supported File Types

File sizes should not exceed 150 MB.

  • .wav
  • .ulaw
  • .g722
  • .mp3

We recommend .wav, 16-bit mono, 8000 Hz.

4. Enter a Description of the sound clip.

5. Click the checkmark icon.

6. Select a Normalization Level to ensure consistent volume levels.

7. Click [OK].

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