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Sound clips allow you to play custom messages to your callers and are frequently utilized in a phone system. They are used in dial plans as auto attendant messages (Auto Attendant node), as standalone sound clips (Play Sound Clip node), custom notifications for filtered calls, or in call queues as periodic messages and pre-call announcements. Sound clips can be recorded from your Jive phone or recorded elsewhere and then uploaded to the admin portal.

Sound Clip Settings

To access the settings for a sound clip, click Sound Clips in the left sidebar.

Sound Clips

In-line editing only.


Name by which the sound clip is identified.


Date and time the sound clip was recorded/uploaded.

Supported File Types
File sizes should not exceed 150 MB.

  • .wav
  • .ulaw
  • .g722
  • .mp3

Displays a user-defined description for the sound clip for identification purposes (255 character limit).


  • Click play_Gray to listen to sound clip files.
  • Click download_Gray to download sound clip files.
  • Click usage to view where sound clip files are being used.

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