This feature is supported on Cisco MPP, Polycom, and Yealink only.

Jive Secure (call encryption) is enabled or disabled from this tab. Call encryption can also be enabled from a device profile.

Total Devices
This data is based on the total amount of devices currently on the system.


Total number of devices with call encryption enabled.


Total number of devices with call encryption disabled.

Not Supported

Total number of devices that do not support call encryption.

Device Admin Password

This feature is supported on Aastra, Cisco SPA, Cisco 68xx / 78xx / 88xx, Polycom, VTech, and Yealink only.

This password (at least six characters) is used to access admin settings on a device. To ensure you’re protected from fraud, make sure it’s a strong one!

Note: You must power cycle your devices to apply the new password.

Reset Secure Provisioning All

Resets secure provisioning for all devices on your system and applies current Admin Password.


Click a device to view/edit its settings.

Secure Calling

Enables/disables Jive Secure. If a device does not support call encryption, Not Supported will display.

Once enabled, the device will automatically reboot and apply call encryption.

Device Password

Displays the current password used to access provisioning and other advanced settings for the device.


Explains why Jive Secure is not supported on a device.

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