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Using multiple schedules in a dial plan is useful for those that need to filter calls in addition to the open and closed routing. Let’s say callers need to be routed differently on Wednesdays than they are the rest of the week, this requires an additional call route to be added to the dial plan. Each schedule node in a dial plan can implement two separate call paths, so each additional path will need its own schedule.

After creating all necessary schedules, go to the dial plan that requires multiple schedules:

1. Drag and drop the Schedule node.

2. Route the Start node to the new schedule.

3. Browse for and select the schedule.

4. Drag and drop the When Open target to the open call route.Calls follow schedule time blocks in green.

5. Drag and drop the When Closed target to the next schedule node. Calls follow all schedule hours in white.

6. Drag and drop the When on Holiday target to the holiday route (optional). Calls follow all scheduled holidays.

7. Click [Save].

Repeat steps 1-6 as for each additional schedule.

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