Time blocks are the heart of any schedule. They define which day and time a schedule is either open or closed, and as such, determine where your callers are routed within a dial plan. This visual tool allows you to easily add, edit, or remove time blocks and see exactly how a schedule is setup.

To modify schedule time blocks, click Schedules in the left sidebar and then click the schedule you would like to set up.  When you are done modifying the schedule time blocks, click [SAVE].

Add a Time Block

Click the day and time that requires a new time block. A new one hour time block will appear in green.


Change Time Block Duration

Hover over the bottom of the time block until the cursor changes to 2-pointCursor. Click and drag to increase or decrease the duration of the time block in 15 min increments.

Alternatively, hover over the time block and then click the edit icon. Enter the start and end times in 1 min increments and then click [OK].


Move a Time Block

Hover over the middle of the time block until the cursor changes to 4-pointCursor. Drag and drop the time block to earlier/later in the day or to another day.


Duplicate a Time Block

Hover over the right of the time block until the cursor changes to 2-pointCursor(LR). Click and drag to duplicate one day’s time block to the next day.

Note: Time blocks can only be duplicated by dragging from the right edge.


Delete a Time Block

Hover over the time block you would like to delete and then click the trash icon.


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