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Your dial plan treats any holidays set up on your schedule the same way it does closed hours. In most cases, a standard message plays explaining that you are closed. However, you may want to play a more customized message explaining that you are closed due to a holiday.

  • To play a generic holiday message (i.e. “Thank you for your call, but we are closed for the holiday…”), a new schedule must be created.
  • To play a custom message for each holiday (i.e. “Thank you for your call, but we are closed for Independence Day…”), you will need to repeat the steps below for each holiday.

Step 1: Create a New Schedule with All Open Hours

1. Click Schedules in the left sidebar.

2. Click [ADD SCHEDULE].

3. Enter a Name for the holiday schedule.

4. Click the checkmark icon.


5. Click the new schedule to edit its settings and modify its time blocks.


6. Add a time block that spans the entire schedule. All days of the week and hours should be highlighted in green.

Why is the schedule completely open?

This guarantees that callers are routed correctly and hear the specified message regardless of the day or time they call.

7. Click [SAVE].


Step 2: Create Holiday Schedules

1. From the Holidays tab, click [ADD HOLIDAY].

2. Enter a Name for the holiday.

3. Select a Start Date and End Date for the holiday.

If playing a generic holiday message, repeat steps 1-3 for each holiday.

4. Uncheck All Day and then enter a Start Time and End Time for the holiday (optional).

5. Click the checkmark icon.


Step 3: Route Calls Through the Holiday Schedule

Go to the dial plan that requires a holiday message:

1. Drag and drop the Schedule node.

Note: If you currently are using a schedule(s), place the new holiday schedule before the main schedule node.


2. Route the Start node to the new schedule.

3. Click the magnifying glass icon to browse for and select the new holiday schedule created above.

4. Drag and drop the Sound Clip node.


5. Click the magnifying glass icon to browse for and select the holiday message.

Note: The sound clip must be recorded before it can be added to the sound clip node.

6. Drag and drop the When closed go to target to the play sound clip node.

7. Drag and drop the When open go to target to the main schedule node or the next step in the dial plan.

8. Click [Save].


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