Schedules are used in dial plans (Schedule node) to route your callers differently depending on the day and time that they call (schedules follow the default time zone). For example, you can route calls to a day-time auto attendant during business hours and to a night-time auto attendant during after hours. Additionally, you can add holidays to a schedule for another level of customization for your callers.

Schedule Settings

To access the settings for a schedule, click Schedules in the left sidebar and then click the schedule you would like to set up.

General Tab



Name by which the schedule is identified.

Time Zone

Defines the time zone the for schedule.


Displays the open and closed times for the schedule. Open time blocks are displayed in green, closed blocks are displayed in white. Blocks can be added, removed, or changed as needed.


Follows the schedule as defined.

Forces the current schedule to be open 24/7.

Forces the current schedule to be closed 24/7.

Holidays Tab



Defines pre-scheduled date ranges and optional timeframes that the schedule will be forced to a closed state. These dates can be scheduled as far in advance as needed and can be edited if changes are required. Holidays are displayed in ascending order.

Note: Holidays do not recur year after year (i.e. Christmas must be added each year).

Usage Tab


Lists all dial plans using the schedule. Click a dial plan name to open in edit mode.