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One ring group to rule them all, well… not really; but a ring group is a great way to dial multiple lines and/or phone numbers at once. They can be used to dial everyone in a department or used to intercom specific parts of a building. There are lots of ways to communicate through a ring group, so be creative.

Note: A single ring group can support up to 50 lines and/or phone numbers. If Confirm Pickup is enabled on the ring group, only 19 members are supported.

1. Click Ring Groups in the left sidebar.

2. Click [ADD RING GROUP].

3. The next available number will automatically populate the Extension; change this number as needed (optional).

4. Enter a Name for the ring group.

5. Click the checkmark icon.


6. Click the new ring group to edit its settings.

Now what? Once you’ve created a ring group, you can either direct a phone number to it, use it as an option in a dial plan, have internal and external callers dial it directly, or all of the above.

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