If you are switching over to Jive, you probably have phone numbers with your previous provider that you’d like to keep. With the number transfer tool, you can easily submit a request to have these numbers transferred over to Jive. Once you have submitted your request, we’ll take it from there and make sure everything gets added to your new system.

Tip: To ensure your transfer is successful, be sure to read our article on Number Transferring before you begin. It will prepare you with everything you’ll need and provide some helpful tips and FAQs.

In order to order new numbers, you must have admin or super admin permissions given to you by a super admin.

Request Transfer

1. Click Phone Numbers in the left sidebar.

2. Click [TRANSFER].

Note: If you have access to multiple PBXs, you will be prompted to choose the PBX for which you would like to order a new number.


1. Enter the earliest desired start date.

2. Enter the phone number to be transferred and then click [ADD]. Repeat this step for each phone number.

3. Click [CONTINUE].


Carrier Info

Tip: View our article on Number Transferring for help through this section.

1. Complete the required fields with your current account information.

2. Click [CONTINUE].


3. Enter the AddressCityState, and Zip where you currently have service.

4. Click [CHECK].

5. Verify the address is correct by selecting either Original location (the one you entered) or one of the Suggested locations.

6. Click [CONTINUE].


7. Browse for and select a copy of a recent phone bill (within 30 days) from your computer.

8. Click [CONTINUE].


Add Location (optional)

To add an additional address for the account, follow the steps below. Otherwise, click [CONTINUE] to skip these steps.

1. Enter the additional AddressCityState, and Zip.

2. Click [CHECK].

3. Verify the address is correct by selecting either Original location (the one you entered) or one of the Suggested locations.

4. Click [CONTINUE].

Account Setup

1. Enter the E911 Display name to be used for your phone numbers.

2. Select the E911 Address to be used for your phone numbers.


4. Click ADD LISTING to enter 411 information (optional).

5. Select your listing number.

6. Enter your Company name.

7. Select a Location.

8. Choose whether to include your company address.

9. Click [CONTINUE].


Review & Sign

1. Type your Signature of Authorization.

2. Click [I ACCEPT].

3. Click [SUBMIT].


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