Recording your phone calls can be useful for training, legal, or historical purposes. You can enable this feature to record all incoming and/or outgoing calls on an individual phone number. In addition, call recording can be enabled for your entire system or on individual lines, ring groups, call queues, or conference bridges.

Call Recording Laws

It is your responsibility to understand call recording laws for your area. See Call Recording Privacy Policy and Notices for more information.

Setup Required

Before you can enable call recording, your remote storage must be setup.

1. Click Phone Numbers in the left sidebar.

2. Click the phone number that needs to record calls.

3. From the Recording tab > Call Recording section, enable incoming and/or outbound calls to be recorded.

4. Click [SAVE].

Note: If call recording is enabled on a phone number and line, ring group, or system-wide; only one copy of the call will be recorded. However, if call recording is enabled on a phone number and call queue or conference bridge; multiple copies will be recorded.


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