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Jive allows inbound calls through the use of phone numbers (DIDs). Unlike most traditional phone numbers, there is no limit to the number of calls that you can receive at the same time through a single phone number. Jive Voice provides several advanced routing features that cannot be found in traditional systems.

Phone numbers are the starting point for inbound calls. The Phone Numbers tab shows all the numbers (toll-free, inbound-only, or two-way) on your system as well as their routing destinations and caller ID information.

Phone Number Settings

To access the settings for a phone number, click Phone Numbers in the left sidebar and then click the phone number you would like to set up.

General Tab



Name by which the phone number is identified. This is for reference only and has no effect on caller ID or other aspects of the number.


Ten digit telephone number (cannot be changed).

Caller ID

The name portion of the caller ID (cannot be changed).

Block Caller ID

Makes the caller ID display as private, restricted, or anonymous for all outbound callsincluding calls routed to external numbers. This setting can be overridden on a per-call basis by dialing *82 before the outbound number.

Note: In addition to outbound calls, enabling this setting will block the caller ID on all calls routed to an external number (i.e. Find Me/Follow Me, ring groups, dial plans, etc).


The type of telephone number (cannot be changed).

  • Toll-Free
  • Inbound-Only
  • Two-Way
Billing Group

Sorts billable phone numbers (and devices) by billing group on your monthly Jive invoice for internal accounting and reporting purposes.


Direct calls to

Routes calls directly to an extension on the system. Remember that lines, ring groups, conference bridges, call queues, dial plans, shared voicemail boxes, and virtual fax machines are all considered extensions.

Another phone number on this system
Routes calls to another ten digit telephone number on the same system. Useful for instances where all numbers go to the same endpoint, but that endpoint frequently changes. Simply route all numbers to a “master” number and then change the endpoint for the “master” number as needed, rather than change the behavior of all numbers.

Hold Music

Hold Music

Use PBX Default Hold Music
Uses the hold music defined in system settings.

Overrides the system’s default hold music and plays a custom hold music playlist for the phone number.

Recording Tab

Call Recording

Call Recording Laws

It is your responsibility to understand call recording laws for your area. See Call Recording Privacy Policy and Notices for more information.

Setup Required

Before you can enable call recording, your remote storage must be setup.

Record Incoming Calls

Enables recording of all incoming calls to this phone number. Recorded calls will be saved to your remote storage.

Record Outgoing Calls

Enables recording of all outgoing calls from this phone number. Recorded calls will be saved to your remote storage.

Note: If call recording is enabled on a phone number and line, ring group, or system-wide; only one copy of the call will be recorded. However, if call recording is enabled on a phone number and call queue or conference bridge; multiple copies will be recorded.


SMS Administration

This feature is in PRIVATE BETA. Please email to request early access.

SMS is not supported on international phone numbers.


Select and manage user(s) permitted to send SMS from the phone number. These permissions should be limited to only a few users per phone number.


User can send SMS messages from the phone number.

It can take ≈20 minutes before SMS is fully functional.