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Super admins have full access to your system; including permissions, reporting, billing, and all of Jive Contact Center. With great permissions, comes great responsibility—so limit these users to only those that need it.

Permissions Required

In order to manage super admins, you must have super admin permissions given to you by a super admin.

1. Click Permissions in the left sidebar.

2. From the General tab > General Permissions section, browse for and select the user or user group that requires super admin permissions added/removed (Who).

3. Check/Uncheck Super administrator (Permissions).

Note: If you remove yourself from as a super admin, you will need to contact a super admin or Jive to be added again.

4. Click [SAVE].

Tip: To remove a user or user group from the Who section, hover over the user or user group you would like to remove and then click the trash icon. Click [SAVE] when you are done.

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