Paging profiles and realms are used to set up an intercom system—like the one you remember from school where announcements were heard over the loud speakers. A paging profile is assigned to each device used on the intercom system and determines which devices can send (typically designated phones) or receive pages (typically dispersed speakers). A paging realm allows you to divide those devices up into different zones and target pages to specific areas in your organization (at least one realm is required).

Paging Profile Settings

To access the settings for a paging profile, click Paging Profiles in the left sidebar and then select the paging profile you would like to configure.

General Tab




Name by which the paging profile is identified.

Paging Realm

Name of the paging realm associated with the paging profile.

Polycom Multicast

Allows Polycom and Yealink devices to send and receive multicast pages between each other. This must be enabled on each paging profile.

Zone Membership

Lists the zones that are defined in the associated paging realm.


Devices using this paging profile will receive pages transmitted to that zone.


Devices using this paging profile will be able send pages to all devices in that zone.

Polycom Tab


Polycom Settings

Polycom devices have additional advanced paging functionality. For this to work, both the subscriber and the transmitter must be using Polycom devices.

Default Zone

Defines the order zones will appear on the Polycom device. Useful for ensuring that the most frequently-used zones are listed first.

Off-Hook Paging

Controls whether calls can be interrupted by pages. On Polycom devices, pages to the Emergency Zone will always interrupt calls.

Usage Tab


Lists all devices assigned with this profile. Click on the device name to go to its settings.