In order to use a device (like a phone), the network you’re on must be trusted. Usually, networks are automatically authorized when a device registers and provisions with Jive; however, if you’ve disabled this feature to establish higher security, you’ll need to authorize your network(s) manually. After which, your devices will be able to connect with Jive.

1. Click Network Access in the left sidebar.


3. Enter the Network IP address.


  • To find your IP address, do a Google search for “what is my IP address”.
  • To add an IP address range, format the network to include the subnet mask. For example, where /24 is the subnet mask.

4. Select the type of Access the network has.


Device Registration
Allows calls to be made and received using this network.


Device Provisioning
Allows devices to provision using this network (i.e. access configuration files from Jive’s servers, etc).


Media Release
When both endpoints in a call are on networks that have the MEDIA permissions, the Media (RTP) will connect directly, without routing through Jive Cloud.


Portal Administration
Allows system admins to make changes to the system using this network. If is enabled, administrators can access the system from any network.

5. Enter an Expiration date for the network (optional).

6. Enter a Comment to help identify the network (optional).

7. Click the checkmark icon.

Tip: To edit these settings, click the edit icon for the network you would like to edit. Click the checkmark icon to save your changes.

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