For security reasons, all networks that are used to register and provision devices to Jive must be authorized. Any device that attempts to connect to Jive from an unauthorized network will be denied, and the ability to make or receive calls will not be possible.  You can manage which IP addresses/ranges are approved and how these networks obtain authorization.

IP addresses can be added in three different ways:

  1. By successfully provisioning a device (the source IP will be added); this feature must be enabled within Permissions.
  2. By successfully authenticating at the domain-specific URL listed (the source IP will be added); this feature must be enabled within Permissions.
  3. By manually entering the IP address or range.

Note: If automatic network authorization is enabled, it is probable that a system admin will never need to modify these settings.

Network Access Settings

To access the settings for network access, click Network Access from the left sidebar.


Network Access Permissions

In-line editing only.

DO NOT DELETE the Authorization

By default, the address appears on all network access lists, with only PROV and ADMIN permissions. It is set up this way to allow automatic network authorization when a device is provisioned to Jive and to allow admins to access the admin portal from any network.

In addition, it is highly recommended that the default permissions (PROV and ADMIN only) remain unchanged. Adding REG permissions to this IP range will defeat the purpose of the network access feature, as it would allow any user to connect from a network, regardless of whether that IP address is trusted or not. If these permissions are removed, then IP addresses will not be authorized during the provisioning process and admins will only be able to access the portal from the specific networks listed.

Organizations who opt to change this default are liable for any security breaches or fraudulent activity that may occur as a result.


Displays authorized IP addresses/ranges.


Displays the type of access that is authorized for each IP address/range. Enabled functions are a highlighted green.

REG – Device Registration
Allows calls to be made and received using this network.

PROV – Device Provisioning
Allows devices to provision using this network (i.e. access configuration files from Jive’s servers, etc).

MEDIA – Media Release
When both endpoints in a call are on networks that have the MEDIA permissions, the Media (RTP) will connect directly, without routing through Jive Cloud.


  • MEDIA should only be enabled with Jive’s assistance. If setup incorrectly, your phones could be down for up to 24 hours after it’s corrected.
  • MEDIA should never be enabled for the network.

ADMIN – Portal Administration
Allows system admins to make changes to the PBX using this network. If is enabled, administrators can access the PBX from any network.


Displays the expiration date for the IP address/range. After the this date, the network is no longer authorized.


Displays a user-defined comment for the network for identification purposes (255 character limit).


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