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Voicemail—one of those things you can’t live without (and maybe wish didn’t exist). You are probably familiar with how voicemail works in its traditional sense, but with Jive you can make it your own. Each line is given its own voicemail box which can be customized to include custom greetings, email notifications, retrieval options, and more.

1. Click Lines in the left sidebar.

2. Click the line that requires changes to its voicemail.


3. From the Voicemail tab, configure the voicemail settings.

Notifications Sent to Multiple Email Addresses

Email notifications can only be delivered to a single email address. To work around this limitation, have your email client administrator create an email alias (i.e. that forwards messages to all necessary recipients. Alternatively, create auto-forwarding rules in your email client (or webmail solution) that forwards emails sent from to all necessary recipients.

Notifications Sent Via Text (SMS)
Using a specially formatted email address defined by cellphone carriers, voicemail notifications can be sent via text message (SMS).  As of this writing, the formats below may be used (replace “number” with a 10 digit mobile number with no hyphens). This strategy also works in conjunction with the email alias or auto-forwarding rules discussed above.

Metro PCS
U.S. Cellular
Virgin Mobile

4. Click [SAVE].

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