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Failover defines what happens if a call to your line fails due to an internet outage or equipment issue. By setting up a failover destination, you can ensure that your calls still make it to you. For further protection against service disruptions, make sure to check out Jive Business Continuity (JBC).

1. Click Lines in the left sidebar.

2. Click the line that requires changes to its failover destination.


3. From the Dial Plan tab, select a destination from the If call fails, send to options.

4. Select the desired extension or enter the 10 digit phone number.


  • To avoid routing calls to another device that is also affected by the same outage, we recommend using failover to an extension only if you have multiple locations on the same PBX (i.e. an office in Chicago and in Dallas).
  • The caller ID will be blocked if Block Caller ID is enabled on the phone number used by the line (External Caller ID).

5. Click [SAVE].

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