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Create an Announcement Line

Announcement lines allow callers to hear a prerecorded message. Announcements are typically messages that frequently change such as daily school announcements for students and parents, seasonal sales or promotions, etc. Because announcements are constantly changing, it is helpful to set up these lines so that any user, even non-admins, can record and update these recordings without needing access the admin portal.

Note: If announcements do not change often or a system admin is updating the recordings, you may consider using a sound clip in a dial plan instead of the steps below.

Step 1: Create a Shared Voicemail Box

This shared voicemail box will only be used as the announcement line.

1. Click Shared Voicemail Boxes in the left sidebar.


3. The next available number will automatically populate the Extension; change this number as needed (optional).

4. Enter a Name for the shared voicemail box.

5. Click the checkmark icon.


6. Click the new shared voicemail box to edit its settings.


7. From the Voicemail Tab > Notification Options section, enable all Email Notification Options.

8. Select the Email Address recipient of voicemail notifications (voicemails are uncommon).

9. From the General Options section, choose Escape to extension and then browse for and select the desired extension (optional). This allows a caller to press 0 (zero) during the announcement to be transferred back to the beginning of a dial plan or to a different line for assistance.

Note: Enabling this setting does not automatically prompt callers to press 0 (zero) to escape to another extension. You will need to include these instructions in your announcement recording.

10. Click [SAVE].

IMPORTANT: Callers will need to be routed to the announcement line via an auto attendant on your dial plan or by directing a phone number to the extension


Step 2: Record the Announcement

1. Dial *98 from a Jive phone.

2. Enter the extension assigned to the announcement line.

3. Enter the password (default 0000).

4. Press 0 for Mailbox Options.

5. Press 4 to record a Temporary Message — When recorded, this message overrides any other voicemail greetings. In order to remove a temporary message it must be deleted.

In your recording:

  • Record 10-20+ seconds of silence after your announcement to ensure the caller does hear a beep and leave a voicemail.
  • If escape to operator is enabled, include instructions to press 0 (zero) to be transferred to the specified extension (see step 9 above).

6. Follow the voice prompts to accept, review, or re-record the recording.

Now what? Once you’ve created an announcement line, you can either direct a phone number to it, use it as an option in a dial plan, have internal and external callers dial it directly, or all of the above.

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