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The following list of concepts are important to understand as you begin to set up Jive Voice.

Jive Cloud

This is the service delivery platform for Jive Voice and the rest of our Unified Communications products and applications. It provides the architecture that integrates all call routing, system management, feature delivery, and application access. Jive Cloud is delivered through a reliable network of geographically diverse datacenters.


Think of extensions as dialable ‘shortcuts’. They are three to six digit codes that allow callers to direct themselves across the system. With Jive, the concept of extensions has been extended past the traditional “4 digit code I dial to reach user X’s phone” concept. Valid extensions include lines, ring groups, conference bridges, call queues, dial plans, and shared voicemail boxes.


Short for Direct Inbound Dial. This is a fancy way of saying “telephone number”.


This is a collection of computers and devices interconnected to facilitate communications and to allow sharing of resources and information among devices.

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