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First off, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between a hardware profile and a device profile. Simply put, a hardware profile is what makes a device work (make and receive calls) by identifying it over the network using its unique 12 digit MAC address found on the device. A device profile determines how a device works (directories, buttons, etc.). The Hardware tab is used to manage all the MAC addresses on your system. They are then assigned to individual devices allowing them to function with Jive.

Note: You are not billed for storing hardware profiles. You are only billed for the devices to which they are assigned.

Hardware Settings

To access the settings for hardware, click Hardware in the left sidebar and then select the hardware you would like to configure.

Hardware Device

Phone Type

Model of the device. This will be automatically set upon provisioning and is therefore optional for all phones except the Cisco 79XX series and Cyberdata paging devices.


Identifies the location of the device (for reference purposes only).

Emergency Services Caller ID

Defines the caller ID used when calling emergency services.

Note: This setting overrides (only for emergency calls) the default caller ID and the caller ID selected for any line assigned to the device that is using the hardware profile.

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