You probably have some private extensions that you want to exclude from your system’s dial by name directories so they’re no longer searchable—perhaps to avoid a caller from dialing a virtual fax machine, an executive conference bridge, or your CEO’s line. These types of extensions can be easily removed from your dial by name directories by enabling the following setting.

Note: This setting only omits the extension from your dial by name directories. It does not omit the extension from directories found in the end user portal, Jive Mobile, etc. or prevent the extension from being dialed from an auto attendant (allow extension dialing).

1. Click Extensions Overview in the left sidebar.

2. Select the extension that needs to be omitted from all dial by name directories.


3. From the General tab > Extensions section, enable Omit from Directory.

Tip: To exclude the extension from being dialed within an auto attendant as well, enable Omit from Auto Attendant Extension Dialing.

4. Click [SAVE].


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