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Traditionally, an extension is solely a line on a person’s phone. At Jive, the definition of an extension has been broadened to provide you with more flexibility to customize your phone system. It is a three to six digit number that can dial any one of the following extension types.

Extension Types

To access a comprehensive list of all extensions, click Extensions Overview in the left sidebar. Extensions can be created or edited in-line from this view. Clicking an extension will take you to its settings.



Rings a user’s device.

Ring Groups

Rings multiple lines and/or phone numbers simultaneously.

Conference Bridges

Allows multiple people to join a call simultaneously.

Call Queues

Places calls in a queue and distributes them to agents as they become available.

Dial Plans

Defines how incoming calls are routed (call flow).

Shared Voicemail Boxes

Used for voicemail purposes only. Generally used for departmental voicemails, such as Customer Service or Technical Support.

Virtual Fax Machines

Sends and receives faxes via an email address.

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