Exporting a dial plan allows you to download a .xml of your dial plan and then upload it into another phone system (PBX). This saves you from having to recreate a dial plan multiple times for each system. Organizations that have various locations where each is operating on a different phone system—like a school district—will find this tool useful.

Tip: This process can also be used to back up a dial plan before you make changes to it (just in case you change your mind).

Export a Dial Plan

1. Click Dial Plans in the left sidebar.

2. Click the export icon for the dial plan you would like to export.

Note: The dial plan will be downloaded as a .xml file. This file can then be imported into a different PBX by clicking [IMPORT DIAL PLAN]. Proprietary options, like sound clips, will be removed so only the nodes and connections remain.


Import a Dial Plan

1. Click Dial Plans in the left sidebar.



3. Browse for and select the exported dial plan (.xml) from your computer.

Note: The imported dial plan will appear with the same name, followed by “new version”. 


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