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In larger organizations, multiple directory options can be given to callers through an auto attendant. This can be helpful to limit search results to a specific department or office location. For example, you could have the auto attendant give the options to dial 3 to search the Chicago office directory, or 4 to search the Dallas office directory.

After creating all necessary dial by name directories and setting up the auto attendant:

1. Click Dial Plans in the left sidebar.

2. Click the dial plan that requires multiple dial by name directories.


3. Click [Add option] to add a dialable option for each directory.

4. Add a dialable code for these new options. These codes can be numbers, # (pound), * (star), or any combination. Make sure your options are clearly described in your auto attendant message (sound clip).

5. Drag and drop the Directories node for each directory option in the auto attendant.

6. Drag and drop the red targets to the directories nodes.

7. Browse for and select the dial by name directories.

8. Click [Save].

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